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How much insulation is required in my attic?

The current Minnesota state code requires a minimum of r-44 attic insulation. Additional insulation may benefit your project to meet rebate requirements or federal tax credits.

Attic Insulation

  • Improve home energy rating
  • Increase home comfort
  • Reduce or prevent ice dams
  • Reduce heating and cooling needs
  • Tax deductions and energy rebates

Attic Insulation

Benefits of Attic Insulation

R-value stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the r-value of the product, the more it resists heat flow. The r-value can work inversely by resisting cooling flow.

  • Improving energy efficiency and savings on cooling/heating bill
  • Boosting your home's comfort
  • Increasing the value of your home.

There are many reasons to reinsulate your home. Insulation, and more importantly, attic insulation, is one of the most vital keys to home energy efficiency. And while installing the most efficient heating and cooling equipment is also a factor, if your home's insulation can't keep heated and cooled air inside, you could end up losing a lot of energy. This will significantly affect your energy bills. Saving energy is paramount, as the average homeowner's heating and cooling budget can account for more than half of their total energy bill.
Upgrading attic insulation will immediately offer 3 significant benefits:

What does r-value stand for?