Storm Damage

If your home has recently suffered storm damage, you can count on us for all your roofing needs.

To begin the insurance claim process you will need to contact your insurance company to: 1. Set up your claim 2. Give Skluzacek Bros. the authorization to meet with your adjuster to discuss the damage.

We'll then prepare a free and complete estimate of the proposed work to be performed and handle negotiations with your insurance company. You'll receive professional and specialized service when contracted, with no headaches from your insurance company!

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Insurance claims can be confusing and frustrating. The following should help with the process.

Storm Damage

Helpful Hints

Skluzacek Bros Inc.

Free Estimates!

  • Initiate your claim as soon as possible and obtain your claim number. This number will be your primary reference point throughout the process.
  • Select a reputable contractor like Skluzacek Bros. to handle your roofing needs. Your contractor should be 1. Experienced in insurance restoration work. 2. Do much of the liaison work between you and your insurance provider.
  • Most insurance payments occur in two phases. A first check (ACV - Actual Cash Value) is usually released after your insurance company agrees to the damages. The final check (RCV- Total Replacement Cost Value of the entire project) is usually released upon completion of the project.

The Insurance Claim Process