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The sad part about most workmanship warranties is that they will only last as long as the company that offers them. The National Roofing Association reports that 70% of all roofing contractors are out of business in two years, with 90% of them failing in just seven years. A high number of disgruntled technicians who start their own contracting companies seems to be the main reason for this alarming statistic.

Skluzacek Bros. is different. We've already been serving our customers since 1973 and we aren't planning on bailing out on them, renaming ourselves or starting over any time soon.

Manufacturer Guarantees

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All roofing manufacturers guarantee their shingles and products, but to be very blunt, many of these guarantees lack value. Why? Because the manufacturers cannot be sure that their products will be installed properly. Skluzacek Bros Inc. guarantees that every square inch of work performed will comply with the high, strict standards we've set for the installation procedures on all products we use on your home.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Most Roofing Companies Have Worthless Warranties