Residential Roof Maintenance Program

Residential Roof Maintenance Program

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Even the gentlest side of Mother Nature can damage your roof.

Extreme weather, animals, leaves, debris, hall, wind and other accidents can cause significant damage to a roof, even a new one. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that roof inspections and maintenance be performed regularly to help avoid future problems..

If you want your roof to last, you'll have to maintain it

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With our maintenance program, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind. You will have documentation on the performance of your roof, a feature to potential buyers when selling. It is also a helpful tool when processing insurance claims and gives you protection from fraudulent, fly by night contractors.

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The Residential Roof Maintenance Program Includes

Most homeowners don't have the ability or desire to get onto their roof and inspect it for potential problems. Damage to your roof can occur in a number of ways that won't be seen until it's too late. That's why a thorough inspection performed by Skluzacek Bros. can help prevent small problems from becoming major issues. When these inspections are performed regularly, you'll preserve your roof and enjoy many years of reliability.

  • Two annual inspections
  • Clean debris from roof
  • Clean debris from gutters
  • Inspect and caulk all flashings as needed
  • Seal all roof penetrations as needed
  • Repair nails, pop and secure loose shingles as needed
  • Branch trimming for limbs touching the roof
  • Skylight cleaning
  • Complete roof inspection/evaluation
  • Complete detailed report

Many Roofing Companies Can Offer Maintenance Programs